Getting Connected

In the midst of the Jeep project I have been having a problem being contacted while in the garage. Because of where I live, and the fact that my work phone is on the worst carrier…I mean AT&T, I have absolutely no service in my garage. In the house I have to use a micro-cell that runs through the internet in order to get any reception and it doesn’t have quite enough range to make it to the garage. With that said, I’ve decided to pull 5 CAT5e cables out to the garage and incorporate it into my network. One pull will be fore a WAP, one will be for the microcell and the remainder will be for future upgrades.

I decided on Sunday, when it was “conveniently” hot and humid as hell outside to complete this task. So, I dug a trench, crawled into the crawl space under the addition to the house and fished the cables through. Here’s the completed trench:

01 - Trench-1-300x225

02 - Trench-2-e1436890686777-300x225

03 - Trench-3-300x225

Had to travel for work this week so nothing is plugged in yet, but I’ll get to that this weekend after I’m back home. Will be nice to have signal out there.