On the third night of my visit to Phoenix, I decided to make a much further journey. Everyone in the class had raved about Sedona and we ended up getting done pretty quick. I took my Saturn Sky that I had rented and made the hour and a half drive up to Sedona. It was absolutely worth it. When I visit places like this it reminds you how beautiful this planet really is. A person didn’t make this. No one designed this. This was the result of millions of years of earth just being earth. Water erosion, plants and animals roaming around – the simplicity of this is beautiful to me. It reminds me how insignificant we should be to this planet. It reminds me that we shouldn’t be tearing up this beautiful place. We should, instead, be embracing what we have here. Stepping back and taking a look at the beauty that is before us. As I wandered around Sedona I couldn’t stop staring with a big grin on my face because I got to experience this.

After I had drove around for a little while I found another trail. This time I am not sure how far I walked, however, it seemed about the same distance as the night before. I got probably the first third of the way through the trail and I was looking at the signs trying to make sure that I remembered how to get back and I was startled by another hiker telling me to look up. I assumed I was about to trip over something but, instead, there were a couple of wild pigs running around. Being from Iowa, this just isn’t something we see. Pigs here are future bacon – not wild and running around. I then wandered down the trail a little further. I got to a point where the trail wasn’t nearly as distinct and decided that since I had no idea where I was, and because the sun was starting to set, I would turn back. Here are some of the pictures I took while I was there.

On the way home I was able to time it about right to see the sunset on most of the drive back to the apartment. Coincidentally, on the drive back, I noticed a sign for a rest area called Sunset Point. Naturally I had to stop and see if it had earned its name. In my opinion, it definitely did.