Lake Pleasant

Before I went to sleep after seeing Sunset Point I had talked to my wife and expressed to her my desire to a see a sunrise since I had now seen two beautiful sunsets. She was adamant that I wouldn’t be able to wake up early enough to see this – which I would normally absolutely agree with her about. However, I was determined. Somehow that morning I woke up, with full energy, at 5 AM. Considering I don’t even usually wake up for work until 8 AM, I was even surprised myself. I sat around for a while trying to find a good place to watch the sunrise and after a little Google map searching, I found a lake about 25 minutes away. I hopped in the Sky and drove on up.

I made it up to Lake Pleasant just as the sun was starting to rise so I was able to see the whole experience. Although the road was blocked due to flooding where I wanted to end up – it was still beautiful. On the journey to my photo spot I was driving and looked to the corner of my eye and saw two wild Donkeys roaming around. Naturally I had to stop and take a couple of pics – although they are zoomed in with my phone and a little grainy, you can get the general idea. Overall, this was a great final destination to my trip in Phoenix – and I absolutely cannot wait to go again.