My Servers

I started off with a basic Dell Optiplex 755 that I used as a web server for a few websites that I learned a lot from. However, that quickly spiraled into me wanting much more as I discovered new things I wanted to do. That has led me to a completely new infrastructure that I’m still in the process of completing. As it stands right now, this is my current server infrastructure.


Server is my current file server. It’s a custom build PC that uses a micro itx board that has 4 x 1TB hard drives in it. It runs an intel Pentium processor on the socket 1155 and has 8 GB of RAM. The drives are currently setup in a RAID 0 because I needed the space. This is all about to change as I am already running below 1TB of free space due to my backed up movie collection.


Vhost01 is a Dell XPS 8300 with a core i5 and it has 20GB of RAM. I got this for a steal so couldn’t pass it up. It runs VMWare 5.5 and is the host to the following Server 2012 guests:

  • DC – Domain controller, DNS and DHCP server.
  • Web – XAMPP hosting a few websites.
  • Backup – Has a 500 GB drive assigned to it and does the OS backups of all my servers.
  • Access – I use this basically as a gateway to connect to via RDP.
  • pfsense – currently not functioning until I get my new NICs for the vhosts.


Vhost02 is also a Dell XPS 8300 (I probably have OCD and couldn’t resist the deal and the satisfaction it gave me to have two identical systems sitting side-by-side) but it has a core i7 with 16GB of RAM. This is also running VMWare 5.5 and has the following servers running on it:

  • SQL – Server 2012 running MySQL server. I’m considering replacing this with an Ubuntu linux server.
  • Cloud – This is ran from Ubuntu.